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            Thomas Carrafang, known professionally as Tomaka, is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in London, U.K. Embracing both synthesisers and acoustic instruments, Tomaka found his drive by creating a unique sound for his songs with deep roots in electronic music. 

 As a self-taught musician, Tomaka started music as a guitarist engaging with multiple collaborations from songwriters in the cities where he lived: Brighton, Madrid and Paris. While busking at night with his acoustic guitar, he also played live backed up by a band at small venues.

At the end of 2018, he settled in London and launched his first solo project under the name “Tomaka” (pop, synth pop) that blends electronic music with acoustic instruments. His first music video -Time to go- was released on February 2 2019. On June 6 2019, he released a second music video: “What You Meant to Be”.

Tomaka’s debut album will be released this fall.

















What You Meant to Be'' (synth pop, dream pop) is part of Tomaka's debut album to be released this fall. 

The song blends vocals, synthesisers and ney flute which Tomaka learned during a trip to Spain and Morocco.

The single will be available on all digital platforms on July 5 2019.


Track: What You Meant to Be

Written by Thomas Carrafang (Tomaka)

All instruments by Tomaka: Vocals, Bass, Synthesiser, Ney flute (Kawala), Programming.

Genre: Pop, Synth pop, Dream pop

Official Music Video:

Music Video Release: June 06th, 2019

Soundcloud Release: June 13th, 2019

Official Digital Release: July 05th, 2019

Filming location: Tate Modern, London, UK.

Directed and produced by: Céline Ribard (


What You Meant to Be is Tomaka’s second single released as a music video on June 6 2019.

The song is part of his debut album to be released this fall.

'What You Meant to Be" is the basis for an original concept developed by film director Céline Ribard (celineribard.comwith Tomaka starring as his own character.


The song

Céline wanted to be as close as possible to Tomaka’s emotional state at the time the song was written. Feeling betrayed by someone, Tomaka appears confused as he attempts to deal with an absence that is immortally present and therefore very much alive. Overwhelmed by his thoughts, the character alternates between flashes of memory and a state of confusion from which he struggles to escape.


The concept

Considering the poetic imagery and melancholic reflections behind Tomaka’s music, Céline Ribard represented the face of an absent figure by the still image of a marble-like statue dominating a bare room. The character and the statue defy each other with an exchange of glances that reflects the bond that tied them together long ago, yet still lingers on. In the early stage of the video, there is anger, tension and contemplation. The video reaches a peak when our character is being assaulted by flashbacks, and he is progressively getting more confused. A time when looking for an exit from his own state becomes an emergency. The last glance at the statue shows the acceptance of how things are today and the urge to let go of the past - let go of the acrimony, and move on.


Location. Aesthetics.

The Tate Modern, with its large bright room on the top floor overlooking the city of London as well as the complexity of the dim galleries of the downstairs lobby, was the ideal location to represent the character’s vivid emotional contrast and internal struggle reflected in the song.


The aesthetic choice of shooting in black and white was a way to interplay between light and dark and hot and cold in order to feel the various palpable emotions that Tomaka was going through. In addition to developing a stronger emotional bond with our character through time and space, it offers the viewer ‘something’ more epic and timeless, therefore visually more powerful.




Céline Ribard - Director, Producer

Cinematography by Chloé Deleplace


Music by and Starring                    Tomaka

Directed and Produced by           Céline Ribard


DOP                                                   Chloé Deleplace

Focus Puller                                     Piero Cioffi

Gaffers                                              Shaun Waldie

Alejandro Celis


Art Director                                       Ishbel Amy-Letteir

MUA                                                  Chloe Santiago


Stills Photographer                         Ian Gavan


1st Assistant Director                      Alasdair Copland

Production Manager                      Samuel Hiorns


Executive Producer                        Thomas Carrafang


Editing & Grading by                      Robert Youngblood

                                                           Céline Ribard


Special Thanks                                Tate Modern


                                                            Ivonne Jofre

                                                            Kate Phibbs

                                                            Fanny Escudié

                                                           Jeanne Montfort


Céline Ribard - Director, Producer

Céline Ribard is a French filmmaker, visual artist and designer living in London, U.K.

She has worked as PA, PM, Producer with various companies including Stink Films, Pulse Films, Elation Pictures, The London Film School, NFTS…. And is represented by Production Switchboard for commercial work.

She is currently following the 'Producing Your First Feature' course at the NFTS.

Some of her latest work includes PM for C.Duncan ‘Talk talk talk’ music video with Stink Films, and producing Joanna Wang's latest music videos with ‘Sabrina, don’t get married again’ nominated for a Golden Melody Award - Best Music Video, in Taiwan.






Tomaka’s first single Time to go was released on February 2 2019 as a music video produced by Crea Nostra (Paris, France). It was shot in Normandy in the summer of 2018. It was covered by two French regional newspapers: Ouest France and Presse de la Manche (read below for full articles).

Track: Time to Go

Written by Thomas Carrafang (Tomaka)

Genre: pop, synth pop, new wave

Tomaka: vocals, synthesizers

Brice Chandler: bass guitar

Yann Forleo: drums

Official Music Video:

Music Video released on: February 7th, 2019

Digital Release: June 28th, 2019

Scenario and Direction: Matthieu Vinel

Video Production: © Crea Nostra


"Ouest France" (Daily French Newspaper in Normandy)


"They shot a music video in the Cotentin"

Full Article:



Published 08.02.2019 at 06:07am


Two Parisians, Thomas Carrafang aka Tomaka and Matthieu Vinel shot a music video in Normandy in August 2018.

There’s a moment of panic on the line. “I’m about to press on the button to share my first music video so I’m a bit stressed out! Could I call you back in 20 minutes?”

Thursday, the 7th of February 2019 is a big day for Thomas Carrafang aka Tomaka. He’s releasing his very first single “Time to go”. The music video was directed by his friend Matthieu Vinel, director and founder of the Communication Agency Crea Nostra based in Paris. Based on a pop song composed by Tomaka, the music video tells about the story of a man who is in love and of an unexpected encounter with another girl. It offers a nice glimpse of the Cotentin Peninsula in the Summer.

10 tracks for an album

A friendship that traces back to 2005. The two men are passionate about music.

“At the time, I was looking for a composer and he was looking for an author” says Matthieu Vinel. Two years later, they released a swing album called Formule Express with Tomaka on lead vocals and guitar and Matthieu on piano. 

As the years passed, Tomaka settled in Normandy to pursue his musical career, yet keeping in touch with his friend Matthieu. “In 2018, he called me to say he had composed a 10-track album” says Matthieu Vinel. What he did was quite exceptional. He cut himself off from the city and retreated a whole month in the country on his own with his instruments.

“Port Racine really caught my eye”

Back in Paris, Tomaka asked his friend to write and direct a music video for his first single.

“Originally, Tomaka wanted us to go to Greece. I told that would be too difficult to do in terms of logistics. I told him about the Cotentin (French Basse-Normandie). It’s a region that I happen to know quite well because of my brother-in-law who lives in Cherbourg. Our man set off to scout locations prior to filming.

“I went to Cotentin to write the story. Port Racine -nicknamed the “smallest harbor in the world” by locals- really caught my eye. The two men decided to go and shoot in August 2018.

“We needed some light so we had to play with it. We came back the two following weekends. Here, the weather changes very rapidly. Four people participated in the filming.

“I used to be an actor. There also was Isabelle Desmazières, a French comedian from Lyon.”

Matthieu Vinel wrote and directed the film and Jean the photographer -Matthieu’s brother-in-law- helped us a lot.

Tomaka: “I will be releasing one song a month so the whole album should be available by the end of the year, around November or December.”

Official Website :


La Presse de La Manche (Daily French Newspaper in La Manche)


 "The singer Tomaka shot his very first music video in Cherbourg and in the Cotentin region."

Click here for full article:



















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Press coverage
Cherbourg : ils tournent un clip dans le Cotentin en été
Tomaka's first music video shot in the Contentin Region. By French Norman Daily Newspaper "Ouest France" - February 08, 2019
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